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Shot my first match - a BUG with Beretta 84BB

Lots of fun but learnt a few things:

1.- Never, or rather NEVER use brand new magazines in a match....At one point of stage had to switch mags and had a brand new, never used, 13 round factory mag.... Made the change, fired, nothing ! Pulled the slide, empty chamber Raked again (I know ... my mistake .did not verify chambered round indicator) and fired..nothing ! This time I pulled out the mag, reinserted it hard and raked again and this time it finally worked... All in all lost about 4 secs ...

2.- In the last part of the final stage there was a popper at about 15 ft and I still had about 6 rounds in the mag so I figured 1 or 2 shots and I would be out.... Wrong ! It proved to be a really stubborn popper ! Took all the 6 rounds (I could hear the hits on the metal) and it would not fall ! I run out off ammo and had no more mags on me when I saw a discarded mag on the floor with some rounds still in it (had done a forced reload a few seconds before) so I picked it up and fortunately it had 1 shot and luckily that last shot did it ! Lesson learned...Allways carry one more mag than you think will need !

As allways, it was great fun !

Stay safe,

Juan Carlos
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