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I used to belong to a private shooting range where every member had their own key and could go anytime 24/7. It was kind of a hole in the wall but it served the purpose. It had eight 50' shooting stations, nicely lite, clean, restrooms and soft drink machines.

One day I got there just as someone was leaving which was unusual because I had never been there before when someone else was using the range. I had been there dozens of times and I always had the place to myself. I was there about 15 minutes when this old man comes in looking crabby as all get out. He starts bitchin' at me, "why the hell don't you have the fan turned on" he hollers at me. "What"? I said. "Turn the God*anm fan on" he screamed at me. I told him I had just got there and to turn it on himself. The guy before me must have forgotten to turn the fan on when he turned the lights on. Great way to start the day.

Anyway, we start shooting and I take a break to get a coke and when I return he's down range. So I take off my ear muffs and toss them on the bench. Well the old man sees that and goes nuts. He screams "get behind the line. You know the rules! You're not supposed to touch that bench when someone is down range." I said, "all I did was toss my ear muffs on the friggin' bench" Well, this old man was gonna have a heart attack so I just said sorry about that and walked away.

So a little while later I said I was going down range to check my targets and he says OK. I get down range and turn around and the old man is standing at his bench loading his gun! I screamed at him "what the fu*k are you doing" and ran back up range to my shooting bench. I asked him, "are you nuts, I'm down range and you're loading your gun. Don't you know the rules?" He says "I'm a retired policeman". I said "you're a stupid old man!" I went into the office and called the president of the gun club and told him exactly what happened and never went back to that range again.
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