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Also from a previous thread;

I work at a local hotel and have been here for about a year or so. This may not sound unique but the manager allows me to open carry until around 5a.m. (I work the 11 to 7 grave shift). After 5 I put the gun under the counter.

Anyway i've grown to know the manager quite well and since he said he had never fired a gun before, I figured I would aquaint him with the pleasure of target shooting. He has a son about 9 or 10 so we brought him along with us to the range which is about a 5 minute drive away. The range is actually owned and run by a local wildlife federation which is basically a bunch of old timers, hunters, and the few locals who are passionate about the second amendment. They do their best to maintain the range, but it's all on volunteer work so it's not the best of ranges. There are no RO's except during federation events like trap or IPSC (I think that's the abbreviation). There's nothing really that marks range, just big dirt berms set up in sections for varying callibers and weapon models (handgun, rifle, etc.).

So we get up their and i'm trying my best to instruct this guy and his son but i'm not a professional instructor I only know what i've been taught. Which is quite a bit but i'm not the teacher kind of person so i'm doing my best. Now the guy and his son are Indian (not the native american kind) and I don't know if the kid just didn't understand english all that well or I wasn't speaking clearly enough or what, but no matter what I told his dad, (he had to translate everything to the kid) the kid wouldn't keep his finger off the trigger. Every time he'd grip the gun (Colt 1911A1 circa.1943) he'd wrap his finger around the trigger. Now nothing really bad happened, the kid only wound up firing one round and I proceeded to show his dad the gun, and tell him the basics of firearm safety, and grip safeties, etc. then we left.

Now I know it's not much of a mishap but I felt I had to do all this for them since he does run a hotel, and apparently the previous year a maid found a big revolver (he couldn't discribe it beyond that) and turned it into the manager. The gun apparently had been pushed under the mattress of one of the guest beds and had been forgotten. (That in itself is a mishap cause some moron lost a nice revolver from the sound of it). But what's surprising is the manager called the police about it and the officer that came out said for him to put it somewhere safe in case Mr. Forgetfull notices the missing weight. Apparently he didn't cause a year and a half later I hear about it and the manager says I can keep the gun, he'll just have to go find it. I ask him where he put it after about two days of searching and he said he put it in a big cardboard box full of extra pillows and forgot about it. Now it's missing and i'm out a gun I never had.
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