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This is my post to a similar thread.

Never told anyone this.

When I was about two months into my eighteenth year, I was out shooting in the back hills around my town, before they started building homes out in the middle of nowhere. I was with a friend and he had brought one of his friends along for the ride. I had about three or four guns with me. I had my 92FS Berretta, my friend had my AR-7 Survival rifle, and reluctantly I loned his friend my dad's old ruger .22 single six. Well we're popping off a few rounds, a were in this kind of backwash with a good soft sandy bottom and a good berm to use as a backdrop. You know just shooting at cans and stuff we find out there.

Suddenly tons of fun gets it in his head that what they show on tv is funny in real life. He takes the single six, holds the trigger down, points it at the ground in front of me and says, "Dance". He then proceeds to empty the revolver rapid hammer style. The only thing that saved me from a ricochete in the crotch or the gut was the sandy wash. He got a good laugh out of it.

Right up to the point where I took my gun from him with my Berretta pointed at his forehead. That day I almost crossed the line into the criminal world. I never went shooting with anyone else other than family after that. And I guess it was partly my fault for lending a firearm to someone I wasn't sure of. Never hung out with either of them after that. But I didn't report it or anything cause I was young and a little naive, but mostly I think staring down the barrell of my Berretta got the point across far clearer than anything else could have. Maybe I was wrong in some of the mistakes I did, but that's how you learn in life, assuming you survive those mistakes.
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