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I was at the local indoor range a couple of months ago, a guy was there with his 2 kids. One was 18-ish, the other 12-ish. I was five or six rows down on the right from the man and the younger son, the older son was in the lane to my right. The older son was doing swimmingly. I stopped to reload and looked to my left to see the youger son skipping(!) towards me with a with a revolver pointed out in front of him!! I duck in between the protective glass and wait til the kid goes by and then go have a little chat with the father. I used a couple of choice words when the man told me to "calm down, it's not loaded." By this time the children have seen me gesturing emphatically at their father and are present. I walk with them down to the older son's lane and I pick up the revolver, open the cylinder and what do you know, 4 rounds inside. Should the child have tripped and fell down and pulled the trigger, the hammer would have fallen on an empty chamber, but that is no excuse. They were asked politely to leave. Stupidity should be painful.

Off topic but still ridiculous. I was waiting for the clerk at a LGS to finish with a customer and I happened to over hear their conversation, not an easy thing as the customer was only fluent in Ebonics. The customer had a CCW and was trying to decide which Glock to purchase. The clerk made a couple of decent suggestions about a holster and the man replied he didn't need one. It was a full-sized Glock so the clerk asked him how he would carry it. The man took it, and stuck it down the front of his pants, and tucked his shirt in behind it so that the grip stuck out in plain sight. The clerk informed him that he could be charged for brandishing and might lose his license if he did so. The man said he wasn't worried about it, it would be worth it because he would look so cool to his friends. He was asked politely to leave.
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