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Thanks. I think I made it clear that I'm NOW aware the 45-70 doesn't make power in Tanz. The Buffalo Bore offerings (which, if you read my post on the Buff Hunt) are preferred by me; alas, they fall (not 18% short) 6% short of the magic energy number. Zim also? OK.

I think I also made it clear that the 50 AK is more suitable to the purpose.

I would hope that, when I mention the .375 for Buff, it's understood that I'm referring to the .375 H&H.

Finally, I think I made it clear that I stand corrected. Where's the beef?

As to my choice being off-the-chart "irresponsible", I remind you that the .338 Win Mag, loaded with 250 gainers makes the Muzzle Energy cutoff for Tanz; yet, even if legal for caliber, none of us would choose to hunt Cape Buff with it. The "muzzle energy" game has been played from hunting to IPSC. It's a guide, I agree. But, it's hardly God's Last Spoken word when it comes to ballistic efficiency.

Am I recommending breaking the laws of a foreign country? Absolutely not. Would I consider myself undergunned for Buff with a quality 45-70 and the right loads, if legal. Absolutely not. Why? Cause I've seen me do it and I've seen the result....and I am hardly Robert Ruark.

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