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There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the Shadow Wolves of the U.S. Cusotms Service.The Shadow Wolves are famed for their tracking abilities, so the coyotes and the jumpers will be focussing on throwing them off the trail, so to speak.
The Shadow Wolves have impressive skills, but they only cover a relatively tiny portion of the border. The whole rest of it is covered by the “regular” BP agents, and they track border crossers as well. Hundreds of thousands of aliens and tens of thousands of pounds of drugs are apprehended through tracking each year and most of it isn’t done by the Shadow Wolves. This isn’t meant to diminish or denigrate the Shadow Wolves, just to make the point that pretty much all BP agents are out there tracking dope, smugglers and aliens on a regular basis and dealing with the “brushouts”, walking on carpet pieces, animal feet strapped the bottom of shoes, walking backwards, bare foot walkers, changing shoes, etc, etc. Shadow Wolves are “cool”, but there are many, many plain jane agents out there doing the same thing, they just don’t get any of the cool points. They’re just doing their job day in and day out.
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