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It was always my understanding that Engonyameni was a well done, highly regarded and superbly executed RSA game ranch, i.e., a large high fence operation. Bordering the game park will certianly provide animals some back and forth when the fences come down, which is pretty common. I'm told that this is how Cooper's lion came to be inside the ranch.

There's nothing wrong with hunting a high fenced property, if they're large enough to provide fair chase. That's the way of virtually all RSA hunting.

As an aside, I had heard that Danie had a Rhino on the property. If it's not fenced, how does he keep the Rhino IN?

Regarding your Tanz Buffalo experience, I'm reminded of a famous quote, "Thou shalt remember the eleventh commandment and keep it Holy." (XI. Thou shalt not get caught.)
Draw quickly, shoot carefully.

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