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Rich Lucibella
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Good Lord....
Looks like me, the original bastion of "Enuff Gun", handily killed 3 Cape Buff illegally. Not a practice I advise or endorse. However, one was quite tasty.

I stand corrected, gentlemen...Seriously. Next time I promise to use More Gun.

ps: Greg-
Danie's "Engonyameni" is not "high fence surrounded" to my knowledge. Not that I hunted Buff there; mine were taken in the Selous in Tanzania. But, for RSA Plains Game, did I miss something? Were I (and Cooper) "taken"? This is of import to me since the Colonel took his Lion there and that could only get to Engonyameni from Kruger Park, a National Refuge bordering the lands. Did Simba hop a "High Fence"? Did Cooper do a "canned hunt"? What have I missed?
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