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A couple of years ago my boss was driving home from work and decided to stop and pick up a pack of smokes in Dade City (Florida) and he saw a rather large man yelling at a woman outside the convenience store. The man had a knife and was slashing at the woman. My boss called to the man, who turned around and pointed the knife at him and told him in not so many words to mind his own business. He then went back to trying to carve up the woman who was bleeding profusely, so my boss drew his weapon and told the man to leave. The man whirled around and charged him with the knife. My boss shot him in the mid-section and he went down. I turns out the man was the girl's boyfriend and was trying to get at the baby she was shielding from him in her arms. Not that this sort of thing will probably ever happen to us but it still makes for a pretty good reason to be prepared.
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