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I know more about firearms and how to handle them than most peolpe. I have shot at people and I have been shot at. I agree with the right to carry laws and hopefully one will be passed very soon here in Kansas. But it gives me the willies thinking of people carrying in crowded areas full of kids, etc. unless they are LEOs.

The theatre incident occurred in Hoover Alabama about 4 1/2 years ago and I won't say anymore about it out of respect for the person involved. The Glock was in his jacket and went off when he grabbed the jacket to leave. It was a completely accidental discharge and anyone familiar with a Glock knows the safety is part of the trigger, and the gun can be discharged inadvertantly as occurred in this incident. (nothing against Glocks - I have an old 17 and love it).

But seriously, what business did this person have with a loaded/chambered piece in a jacket pocket sitting on a theatre seat. ?

Again, would you do it ? Why ?
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