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Here is an easy way to find out why most of us carry - listen to the news, or read a paper.

See those articles about people getting gunned down in a few Denny's? How about McDonalds? Hear the ones about the postal workers killing a bunch of people? The shootings in the church in detroit? The disgruntled worker going back to his ex-employers and shooting a few folks? Read the one about yet another college girl raped, kidnapped, murdered? The little kids abducted and raped and murdered? How about the one where the homies needed to prove they were tuff so they murdered the 1st person they passed on the street? The other one about homies trying to kidnap people off the street? Some of the ones about some nut going crazy and shooting everyone at his local mall? Surely you have read or heard about a robbery, mugging, rape, car-jacking, murder, home invasion at one time or another? The kids going on shooting rampages at their schools? And you do realize we are at war with enemies who want all of us dead? With those would think nothing of blowing up or gunning down you, your friends your family? You had to have heard about the jihad student who went driving thru his campus running students over?

Well - that is why I carry - because I refuse to let myself or my loved ones be a victim subjected to the whims of some raping murdering victimizing scumbag. I am not going gently - I will do what ever it takes; I will make sure I will be able to depend on ME - on the only one I really can count on to protect myself and my family from the evil in this world. I will take the responsibility of carrying - because the lives of the ones I love may depend on it, and they are worth it.

Think about it - the question really should be why DON'T YOU carry?
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