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Ultimate Fall Turkey Hunting Gun

Yes, spring turkeys is almost upon us, where only shotguns are allowed, but last fall I was hunting them (trying to) with a shotgun, and began to think that a perfect gun for the fall would be a Savage Combo gun in 12 ga & a rifle caliber for when you see them at longer ranges (rifles are OK in the fall here). I would put a low-power scope (like a 1-4) or red dot on it, sighted in for the rifle, and use the scope on 1 power or perhaps see-through mounts for the 12 ga. So, the question is, which of these is the better choice:

1. .223 / 12 ga,
2. .17hmr / 12 ga
3. .22 hornet / 12 ga

I'm thinking hornet, but maybe .223 - thoughts?
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