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Beretta model 12 in .22
Beretta Tomcat in .32
Glock 17 9mm
FN FNP-9 9mm
Taurus CIA .38 +p
Ruger Blackhawk .357 mag
Taurus 415 .41 mag
SA 1911A1 Hi-cap .45
ParaOrd Stealth Warthog .45
Series 70 Combat Commander .45

All with at least one reload (mag, speed loader)
Spare ammo in the car on road trips for the guns along for the ride.

To answer your questions, I have or do carry all my guns concealed when off-duty. Even the Blackhawk once, just to show someone it could be done. The 1911A1 is a bit bulky especially with 2 spare 14 round magazines - but it isn't how many guns you have it is how much ammo you have!
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