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I cannot speak for this particular incident...

....but years ago, I got my CCW because the laws regarding transporting weapons, was at best, Byzantine...if I wanted to go to the range, I had to have the weapon in open view in my auto, or practically field stripped and tripled locked in my trunk, with the ammo in an inaccesable and separate was OK to openly carry a pistol in public, holstered, for all to see....and you can believe that's not a pretty sight around women and young children, unless of course, you have some sort of uniform conveying the message that you are law enforcement. To have a weapon sitting on your dashboard (because that's what's legal) is just inviting trouble. So.......I got a CCW, and eliminated that/those problems. Personally, I never carry...I live secure in my space, that I don't have a need to have a weapon on my person...but I don't like to advertise that a weapon is on board for all to see, when I do go to the range.

So their you have it...I'm stickin' with this story, and that's the whole truth.
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