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CCW why?

I see lots of CCW posts and I often wonder why people would want the responsibility to carry and control a lethal weapon under most circumstances.

I know a person who was somewhat paranoid and 'carried' a Glock (not sure what model it was). He apparently carried it much of the time except at work where it was prohibited by company policy. Several years go he had a serious accident with it one evening at a movie theatre (a Disney movie - Finding Nemo or something). The gun was in his jacket and it discharged inside a theatre full of families and kids. He took most of it himself in the abdomen but the round went thru him and lodged in the back of an empty seat a row behind him. Kids were sitting in adjacent seats. He was seriously hurt but recovered. The theatre was of course emptied of terrified patrons.

I don't know if he carries now, but he did file some sort of lawsuit against Glock.

Just sharing this with you because I am an NRA member and served in the Army and am pro gun rights, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the logic of carrying a locked and loaded handgun into a movie theatre full of kids and moms.

Can you ?

Would you ?
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