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I am fortunate enough to live in an area where I have deer in my backyard, and I live on the edge of the city limits, with about 40 houses around me.
I have 40 acres on my property here, and if I walk to the back I am just over the city limit boundry. This allows me a place that I can bow hunt on with out being in the city limits.
I also have other properties that I hunt with bow and rifle that are WAY out in the country.
The difference in hunting the two locations is NIGHT and DAY.
The deer I hunt at home are far easier to hunt, than the deer in the other places in the country.
I have been in this conversation with hunters at deer camp at least a hundred times, and I have come to realize that arguing the point is useless, but I have also made the observation, that even though all of the hunters will kill a buck of some sort, the really trophy bucks, seem to come from hunters that take the extra step with their odor, and wind conditions.Not all of us spend a lot of money on the dollar maker products that are out there, but if you are going to be successful on a regular basis, you will be better off to treat your prey as if it were as smart as you are.
If you smell gasoline in the dark, you would be smart enough not to light a match to look for it, and a deer, if it smells you in a location, will be smart enough not to enter that location.
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