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not necessary for minute of hog vitals
Haha, I like that a lot. I'm glad to hear the good reports too. This is my first Savage rifle, and I was just a little apprehensive about it. I'm hoping to do some shooting with it tomorrow and take it afield. FirstFreedom, your points about the caliber are also well received. The model I was looking at (and obviously got) is only made in .270, 7 Mag, .30-06, and .300 win mag. I already have a .300 Mag, and Dad has a .30-06 that is more or less mine now, and you know how it rifle, want a new caliber to go with it. Also, the guy I always hunt with uses a 7 mag and I figured that was a small bonus, that we'd both be carrying the same cartridges into the field in case we ran into a bunch of them. I tell ya too, I had a Marlin .45-70 that I let go a few months back before I got into hog hunting. I didn't need/use it much then. Now, I really regret letting it go. It would've complimented this new gun well in the field I think for up close use. After getting this new Savage and then setting up the new scope on it, the pocket book doesn't run deep enough to buy another Marlin, but I've been vaguely considering snagging one of those New England single shots in .45-70 to take out there as well...
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