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The Shadow Wolves are famed for their tracking abilities,...
You have to see them in action to believe it. I was VERY fortunate to work and train under a legendary Shadow Wolf, Jack Fields (R.I.P. Jack )

Jack retired from the Border Patrol, got bored, and took the job of Chief Ranger at Grand Canyon's North Rim. He trained us in tracking for both law enforcement and search & rescue purposes in the 70's, but none of us could, or ever would, even come close to his abilities.

He challenged us to loose him, and I, being young and cocky , took up the challenge. I tried everything from going barefoot, backtracking, side stepping to rocks, and even did the hand-over-hand thing from a tree limb. That human bloodhound never missed a step. He went to the agreed upon starting point and immediately picked up the trail. At times, he literally had his nose to the ground and sometimes progressed only several feet per minute., but it wasn't long before he found me .

These guys are amazing.... simply, amazing . They are true artists.

Hey Jeff! Were you wearing a catcher's mitt for the rocks they threw at you?
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