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Even though I really like Remington, I'm thinking about buying a Mag gun soon, 7mm or Better probally a .338, the gun will only be for Elk or if I ever get the chance Moose, and it's probally gonna be a Savage.

I've never had anything against them, never really perfered them but I have toyed with one before picked it up shouldered it, racked the action and whatnot and even though I don't think any of the 3 you listed will "Blow up on me" or that one will be more accurate than the other, lets face it I gotta hit a 8 inch Circle at 100 yards and i'm pretty sure all 3 rifles will print in a 3 inch circle just fine at 100 yards and will probally do alot better than that. I'm just trying to be realistic...

I just don't want to spend the extra money on a Rifle that has all the little Features that get me all Star Eyed. I want a Gun that fits me well, that I feel comfortable shooting and that I am confindent with the Firearms abilitys (Since I do not Own one yet I don't have a Name for her). I just don't want a Mossberg Rifle, It kinda seems wrong, when I think Mossberg I think 500... When I think Remington I think 700 and 1100 or 1187.... When I think Savage I think decent Cheap rifle and I wonder if that accu trigger is has good as they say... Also I have never heard ANYTHING bad about the new Savage's with the Exception of:
.... How good can a rifle that cheap really be ....
Right now my only response to that is: "well I've never heard anything bad about em, beside they where Cheap, which is a Good thing in my book..."

So I wish you luck in your buying experience make sure you pick all 3 Guns up and see which one feels best to you.

EDIT: Editing to Include Scope Info...
I would go with a Bushnell Elie 3200 in either a 3x9x40 or a 4x12x40 depending on how much magnifaction you think you will need out at 250-300 yards which is a duable shot with a 3x9x40 and practice. Of course the best Scope in the world won't be worth crap if you don't know how to shoot your gun and don't practice with it. From most of the people I talk to 3x9x40 is the standard hunting scope. I zero mine at 150 yards but normally end up with a 75 yard shot and have to aim a little low. I like 3x has my low just because it let's me see everything in front of me, when I throw the gun up.
The cheapest place I have found these scopes is this place :
They have good service, free shipping and when you call them someone picks up the phone. I would call them also before you order just to make sure the scope is in stock... Mine was and it arrived in 3 days.

I hope this helps Once again good luck in you buying venture
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