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Just a little humor. No offence intended.
Innercity deer may be wearing head phones and listening to rap when you find them. There smellers may be filled with smog and they cant smell anything, or they are wacked out on the meth. I don't hunt innercity deer with neighborhoods on both sides with an AK. You must admit that this is not the average whitetail hunt.

Most of us hunt in the country. We don't believe deer are stupid. Anything can happen on any given day in the deer woods. Yes deer act goofy during the rut. The stories are in the millions about people doing everything wrong and still bagging a deer. After that first shot of rifle season, mature deer are very wary of smells. The more you can do to cover your smell, the better chance you have at finding Godzilla Buck.
Check the monster bucks of record and see what the hunters were wearing and doing.

It sounds like you have a great advantage over the rest of us. I can never sell you on scent control because you have had success without it. Maybe after a couple of seasons of bad luck you will change your mind.
RC Racer If I hunt, shoot, track, field dress, and drag out a deer, I don't know of any deodorant that would keep me from being rank. HS scents stick deodorant works for me.
Teach a kid to respect wildlife, then teach a kid to hunt and fish.
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