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I believe it depends if you are ground hunting or tree hunting. I used to go buy all the best camoflage and scent killers (including deoderant) and cover scents. I don't any more though. I tree hunt most of the time and try to get at least 20' up. I take a shower the night before using regular irish spring soap and brush my teeth before I go out. I killed 3 doe and 2 buck this season,and only went out 7 times. Largest was a 6 point white tail 173lbs with an AK47. This is what gets every one I know that hunts. I had just got home from a rough day at work and decided to blow a few rounds to blow off some steam. No shower, no brushed teeth, no scent killers,no cammys, and no cover scents. I started into the woods and immediatly jumped 2 doe. L I B might wanna turn on this reflex QA hologram scope i thought to myself. Stalk walked on in and 100 yrds later at the bottom of small hill next to creek stood the 6 point standing about 40 yrds from me. So I slowly brought rifle on line and killed him on the spot. 1st shot knocked him on his a$$ but he was attempting to get up so I fired another. No more movement. The kicker is I was up wind. The only reason I can conclude that these deer don't associate human scent as all that dangerous is because there are nieghbor hoods on both sides of where I hunt and the deer in that area have become accustom to human scents. Also when way up in a tree the deer won't readily see you and your scent is carried away from your location by breezes and makes any deer scenting you think you are where you aren't.
Deer are in my observations some kooky crazy stupid animals. Especially during the rut. I went hunting with a friend once and we both got a buck. We were draging his back to his truck and when we got close we saw about 6 deer hanging out around his truck. Looking in the back and into cab through glass.
Your fore fathers didn't have all the crap they market today. They had no camoflage. they had no cover scents or scent elimenators, and thier weapons weren't as accurate so they had to get way closer. Yet they were sucessful. You do the math and save your money. Hunting should not be an expensive sport. But the product marketers will have you thinking you can't be sucessful with out thier products.
Now I do have to admit I do put out attractant scent around my tree. I use Hunters Gold. Also I use my deer call and rattle. but I don't wear speacial camouflage or scent killers/covers.
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