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You made a good choice. Savage package rifles are the most under appreciated rifles ever built. The first 5-shot one hole group I ever fired was from a Savage WalMart Special in .270 w/a $70 scope, Weaver mounts and shooting factory PMC ammo (back when PMC was the cheapest ammo on the shelf and wasn't well regarded). A novice was trying to sight it in at the range where I worked, and couldn’t keep his shots on paper. He asked me to shoot it for him to help “sighting in.” Being such a cheap setup I told him that, although my sight picture would be different from his, I would shoot it anyway just to confirm that his cheap parts were to blame for his accuracy problems and therefore I could at least verify that it wasn’t working properly so he could take it back and get a refund towards a real rifle.

Five careful shots later, I figured the thing was major broke, as I only hit the paper with the first shot. WRONG. 5 shots, one ragged hole at 100 yards. I helped him move the zero, gave him some tips on basic shooting, told him to go buy every box of ammo with that lot number that he could find in the state, and gave him my card and told him to call me if he ever decided to sell it. I have since seen this same scenario repeated several times. Those cheap Savage rifles, man, they frequently can just flat SHOOT!
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