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Did I Make A Good Choice?

I have just recently gotten into hog hunting, and let me say that the bug has really bit me. It really seems to be filling in those gaps between deer and turkey season for me like squirrel and coyotes couldn't quite do (although I haven't given those up entirely). Anyway, I was thinking that it was time for me to snag a new rifle. My previous rifles are a .243 that pulls deer and coyote duty, and .300 win mag that has been WANTING to pull elk duty. Well, I figured that the .243 was a little on the light side for hogs, and my .300 was too nice and expensive to drag through brush and all for hog. Ok, I just wanted a new rifle. So, my criterion was a good gun that was relatively rugged and inexpensive in a caliber that would be good for hogs and could serve as a backup gun when I get to finally go on that elk trip. What I ended up getting was one of Savage's package guns in 7mm Rem Mag. Synthetic, detachable magazine, but no accu-trigger (which I am starting to regret a little, but it was in stock and I am impatient). It now has a Leupold 3-9X40 on it on a Leupold base (which, all told, almost equalled the price of the rifle and the scope that came on it). I'll mostly be doing sit hunting at mid range distances (probably 250 yards at the most). Probably very little stalk as the land I'm on doesn't really lend itself to it. So, did I make a fairly reasonable choice?

I don't have reload equipment, so as of now that isn't an option for me. So, what factory loads and weights would you guys recommend for the 7 mag? Right now I have some Hornady 162 grain BTSP, but I have been considering some partition loads.

Any input is appreciated.
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