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I have been using some of the H & S scent killer sprays from Wal-Mart. They also make one that is called earth scent . I have used it for years, but man my wife raises H##l when she smells it. I love to smell it because it smells like fresh dirt and reminds me of being in the woods. Don't know if anyone else has ever tried the raccoon urine spray but I have used it as a cover scent on the bottom of my boots the past two seasons. This past season I had bucks and does walking right in my tracks and they didn't seem too concerned. I saw more deer the last two seasons than I have seen in 10 years combined. Like the other guys said, don't walk around the gas station in your hunting boots or hang out a the local bar in the cigarette smoke. You get fuel on the bottom of your boots and ol bucky will avoid you. As far as my clothes I try to wash them in the special non scented detergeants and then put them in the H & S bags that zip up. I add the H & S scent wafers to the inside of the bags.
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