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Prairie dogs are dumber than a box of rocks. Brain size is no larger than a marble. They're so dumb that a cloud casting a shadow on the ground makes them dive into their holes. They think it's a hawk!

But shooting a dog town for hours on end takes a heavy barreled rifle. Light barrels heat up and will not hold their zero. .308 is a very accurate cartridge and I love it for elk and long shots in windy open country. But plan to visit a massage therapist after an afternoon of shooting.

Sierra 125 grain Pro Hunter and Hornady 130 grain spire point are very accurate bullets. To save a few dollars you can buy a case of 7.62mm NATO surplus and pull the bullets. Discard these full jacketed bullets as they're prone to dangerous richochets. Then weigh each powder charge and load either of these bullets mentioned above.
Good shooting to you.
Fire up the grill! Deer hunting IS NOT catch and release.
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