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I don't know how true it is, but I have had a lot of guys tell me not to wash camo in the washer and dryer because it puts little fuzz balls on the camo that makes it more visible to deer in the early morning or late evening light.
I can't say for sure because I always hand wash my camo in a stream and air dry before storing in scent proof bags.
D.FOX is telling it right, the biggest two mistakes that I have seen hunters make over the years is storing their camo on a hanger, in a closet, that is open to all the odors in your house(bacon frying, smokeing odor,scented candles,ect.) since you live there, you won't notice the odor, but the deer will.
The other one D.FOX covered is your boots, you should NEVER wear your hunting boots, anywhere besides in your hunting area. I bought a pair of good hunting boots several years ago, and they don't see the light of day except in the woods. I don't even put them on until I get in the woods.
Deer have an excellent nose, and will pick up ANY faint odor you might leave while walking, and anything strange to them, is a reason for them to gather up some gone.
I also use a scent nuetralizer called Scent Away. It can be had at walmart or about any hunting store. Fairly priced and seems to work well.
I spray it on my body before getting dressed and again after I am dressed(not to heavy or you will water log your camo) I take a small bottle with me to the stand and if I touch something, like my ladder, I will spray it down after climbing up, just for safe measure.
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