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I am a 10 year bowhunter and a 2 year rifle hunter. For close encounters you should concider the Hunter's Specialty line of scent control. This is not the only line, but it is a good one. Others work equally as good.

I use the Bar soap, my hunting buddy uses the liquid.
I use the underarm deodorant.
I use the Laundry detergent
I use the Drier sheets.
I keep my clothes in scent free bags.
I use the scent elimination spray on my boots and clothes.

I harvested 7 deer in 2 states last fall. 3 bow, 1 muzzleloader,3 Rifle

The best thing you can do to keep from getting scent-busted is to play the wind and wear rubber boots. Only wear those rubber boots in the woods.

One big mistake hunters make is wearing there boots in town and even filling up the truck with gasoline while wearing those boots. 20 minutes later they are in the woods. The parking lot smell is trailed everywhere they walked.

Play the wind. Get some cheap rubber boots and only use them in the woods. The bar soap is around 4 bucks. The spray from HS is about 7 for a big bottle. The feeling you get when deer are walking below you, and don't know you are there........priceless.
Teach a kid to respect wildlife, then teach a kid to hunt and fish.
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