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The main calibers that I was looking into would be my 7mm Weatherby Mag and a 7mm Rem Mag. The weatherby has been shooting great with 175 gr hornady and weatherby brand bullets, as far as accuracy. My wife shot a doe this year with it at about 65 yds. Yes, my wife shot the weatherby. She wasn't plaining on shooting anything, so I left her gun at home. She changed her mind when the opportunity arose. Anyway, it was a perfect heart shot right behind the shoulder. I don't think the deer even knew it was hit. It ran about 40 yds and fell over. The exit hole was about the same size as it entrance hole. I kinda want to play around with a lighter bullet for deer size game, but the accuracy with the 175 gr has been great. The 7mm rem mag I have in a Ruger #1 has been a different story. It took me 2 boxes to get it to start grouping where I wanted. And it still isn't what I would like. It has a Zeiss scope on it, so that shouldn't be the issue. I was using 150 gr winchester ballistic tips. I took about a 300 lb hog with it at 230 yds. Perfect shot about 2 in behind the shoulder. Dropped it in its tracks and it passed straight through leaving an exit hole about the size of a quarter. The next was a 9 pt that was a 320 yds. The deer was quartering towards me and the bullet hit right where I was aiming. I hit it about 3 in behind the shoulder. If I had it to do again, with the quartering shot, I would have aimed in front of the shoulder instead of behind the shoulder. Anyway, the deer ran about 200 yds and tried to hop a fence. It couldn't make it and killed over up against the fence. With not much of a blood trail, high grass, and getting dark on me, I nearly lost it. The bullet didn't pass through and I found part of it underneather the skin on the other side. I think this had more to do with shot placement than the bullet, but I would like to get a bullet thats going to hold up better. Although it did wonderful with the hog. I'm kinda debating over the 150 gr barnes boattail and the 160 gr barnes triple shock. I might load them both and see which works better even though that might get a little pricy with the barnes bullets. I've heard good things about the failsafe, but I've heard they are going to discontinue making the bullet. I have a 270 that I've always loaded with 130 Speer SPBTand they have worked great, so I'll stick with that one. Anyone else have experience reloading the 7mm rem mag. Tell me what you have had luck with.
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