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Thanks for the comments. There was a lot more I wished I could have written in that article but it would take a book to cover everything that's going on there, plus there are probably some things that are just better left unsaid. There are a lot of good people doing a lot of hard work there, and these are not the chest beaters you see on TV. Instead it's small groups of quiet folks securing sections of the border. They don't care to have the ACLU and SPLC knowing when and where they're operating. If some criminal just happens to fall and hit his head on a rock while ilegally crosing the border, then it's hard for SPLC to sue a rock and win a ranch or 500K dollar judgement like they did against Foote. While a lot of folks would have us believe that these are kooks and racists working the border, it would surprise a lot of folks to know who a lot of these folks really are, and who's backing them with $$$$. It's damn sure not the Aryan Nations, KKK, or other similar idiots. There are a lot of powerful influences at play on the border right now. A helluva lot of politics and a lot of money on the line. The sad part is the landowner is getting ****ed.


PS: if you really want to do something to help these ranchers on the border, then send a copy of this article to your congressman and your local media.
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