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1895 Winchester 30-06

Also own one of those, also handed down from my Dad. Grandpaw had one on 30-40 Krag caliber. Dad's brothers brought home ammo from WWII but always cleaned the rifle with hot soapy water and lastly ran an oily patch. Problem was they used a steel cleaning rod. When I got it I couldn't put a round even on the big paper at 100 yds. Muzzle worn out from cleaning rods!

So knowing I would never sell it and ignoring the collector value I hacksawed off an inch and a quarter and recrowned the barrel, hand made a new sight base, drilled and tapped the barrel and installed it, fitted the old sight into the dovetail and "Bang" she shoots like new.

As the steel buttplate is steel, narrow, and rather pointed at both ends, one feels the recoil very pointedly, have some 220 gr. loads I am going to shoot one of these days. not in a tee shirt obviously.
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