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Have fun trooper....

I have been there twice for plainsgame....shot some of the larger stuff....Eland, wildebeest, Kudu and all down the line with a 7mm mag using 160 gr Trophy Bonded.......worked just is enough gun and you would be ok with yours......if you need an excuse for a second gun I would go with the 300 win mag as you can get some long shots on some of this stuff. One thing to remember....if you ever go back.....and I would bet my life YOU will want to go back to shoot dangerous game you Have to use a 375 or larger....don't know how many guns you want to buy but just a could always get a 375 and have that for your back up this trip. Just depends if you decide you need a Cape Buff orr not. The most important thing I can tell you is I like to shoot the african stuff a little bit more foward then North american game. Aim right up the leg into the shoulder....they drop quick. Their is a book on shot placement on African animals if you are interested. One other thing...don't rush your shots or shoot if you are not ready,don't let your PH talk you into anything you arent comfy with....if you wound an animal over there you pay for it whether you find it or not. Hope this helps...more questions..let me know...I will answer if I can....Good luck and have fun, Doug
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