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Anyone know how good a ghogs senses are?
Purty darned good! Like most open area prey animals, they're tuned to see movement at great distances. Their hearing isn't too shabby either, but I use that to my advantage. I've found that a "silent" dog whistle will make 'em stand up nicely for me to take the shot. Almost any high pitched whistle will do it too. I'm not sure, but I think maybe it sounds like a bird of prey and they stand to spot it.

Groundhogs or "Whistle Pigs", as we sometimes call 'em around here, are one of the few critters I still regularly hunt. Groundhog holes and horses just don't mix . Besides that, young groundhog properly done up is mighty tasty .

I've never had any luck walkin' & stalkin'. Best thing is park yourself on a hilltop overlooking prime 'chuck territory, set up a lawn chair with a cooler full of Pepsi beside it, and wait .
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