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groundhog senses

Anyone know how good a ghogs senses are? I live in some somewhat hilly terrain and there are 2 inparticular that I'd love to feed the vultures with. They have taken residence just over a knoll and I cannot seem to drop a bead on them. I don't have all day to sit them out, and they seem to know when I'm carrying. The other day I took the dogs out and had just walked within 20yds of the hole when the little sh**s came running out playing. All I had was my 45acp and I wasn't going to traumitize my wussy dog at a 50yd shot at a moving hog. Been out a couple more times and all I see is dirt.
What gets my goat is that I can stalk hunt deer and turkeys without any problems with shotguns and handguns, but cannot get the fuzzy faced hole digger with a rifle. I've dispached all their brothers and sisters, but their location was easier to get on. The last one thought I didn't see him peeking from behind a big tree, surprise to him when I let the 06 roar.
Enough rambling on, how well can they see, hear, smell and what is the staple diet for one in central Ohio.(wooded, small pasture, no local crops)

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