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I was also bored with shooting paper, but all we did was change our shooting style, now the paper plates that we are shooting is the last thing on our minds.
We decided to set up scenerios on our range that would be close to your everyday victim scenerios. We have the targets set up and we would sit in a chair, the targets represent someone breaking into your home as you are watching TV. We have one where you lay on a matress, targets/bad guys are at the foot of the bed and you have to shoot them. We have a group of plates with 2 colored plates in the middle...badguys, and you have to take them out. We have a good one that you are down changing a tire and 3 bad guys are mugging you. One of the best, and hardest ones that will help your shooting is one where you have 5 or 6 targets/bad guys, you start out in front of them, your buddy says "go" and you pull your pistol and retreat DIAGONALLY away from the bad guys while shooting.

You can make up tons of your own scenerios, the plates will be the last thing on your mind then.

Good Luck.
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