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prarie dogs want to get shot by my rem 700 vs 308, are there inexpensive rounds for v


i want to go prarie dog hunting this summer. i recently bought a rem 700 26" VS .308, leupold varxIII4.5-14x50mm, harris are there cheap loads for varmits, and i assume since the 308 is kinda loud that i would have to shoot around 300+ yards so they wont run scared as often? i would really like to use south african as ii have heard it is fairly accurate and it is cheap. i may be able to use someones loading bench, any thing recommended for cheap accurate loads

someone once told me to get a good scope with good eye relief or something, he suad get a good scope because if it isnt then you can get eye strain and your day will suck.

he had a rem 700 with i cant remember the type of leupold in .300 he had a blast with the dogs

thanks for the help!
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