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Need help identifying old Remington .22

A local gun shop has an old Remington .22 I have never seen. It's a single shot with an octagon barrel. The odd part is when you pull the hammer back there is another lever (like a hammer) that pulls back too and that exposes the breech. It has a heavy block attached. A little flap pops backwards to presumably eject the spent cartridge. After putting a round in it you push the block up and then the rifle can be fired. It's similar to a falling block but there is no lever and the block goes down AND back.

There is no model info on it at all. The inside of the barrel is either so crapped up with...well,...crap that I can see NO rifling in it or the rifling is gone altogether. The action (whatever this type is called) is very worn and somewhat loose. They want $200 for it which my gut tells me is WAY too much even if it's a rare rifle. I have gone in and caught them in just the right mood and walked out with a rifle for literally half of the asking price. I'd pay that much ($100) for it even if it's a wall hanger.

If it's not really a valuable piece it would make a WONDERFUL amature gunsmith project. Can anybody shed some light on what the model of this rifle is?
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