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step up to more power

A .357 is ok but there are many better choices if you are looking for a new deer pistol.
Ruger, Smith, and Tarus all make great .44 mag revolvers that are much better deer rounds. For under 100 yard shots they are perfect, get a good low power scope and you will be all set.
Thompson center contenders and encores are fantastic, you can pick a rifle caliber and have a very well made, accurate " short " rifle. look at the 7mm-30 waters, .30-30 and .45-70 in the contender or the .243, .260 or 7mm-08 in the encore. You can also get them in handgun calibers.
The bigger hangun rounds: .454, 460 and 500 mags are amazing but a handful to shoot on a regular basis. If you like the feel of shooting them then they are great for deer.
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