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US&S marked 1911A1

I have a beautiful example of an original Union Signal & Switch 1911A1 that was carried by my Grandfather (a Marine MP) on the island of Tinnean in 1943-45. The serial # is 1063xxx. I believe that it was issued to him upon his deployment to the Pacific in 1943. Of all the wartime 1911's I have seen, this one is in the top 2% as far as condition. The proof marks match and the "R.C.D" stamp is clearly visible on the left side below the slide lock. I would like to know something about the value of this gun. I believe there were around 55,000 made by US&S. I have no intention of this gun ever leaving my family. I treat it as my #1 safe queen. Just asking out of curiosity. Hopefully there is a 1911 afficionado out there who just might know...

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