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2> Can a too snug of a fit bullet, cause a case to show signs that might otherwise look like a too heavy load? Primer rear expansion/case bulge?
You mean when you crimp the bullet, the case is bulged afterwards?

That's not good. Lighten the crimp. On your first round, leave the crimp/seating die nice and high in the press. Just work on seating the bullet to your given length (1.600 inches, IIRC). Once you obtain that length, back off the seating pin a bunch while the cartridge is still fully up in the die's body. Bring down the die body further until it makes contact with the cartridge. You may need to continue to back off the seating pin to make room. Once you feel contact between the die body and the cartridge mouth, give the die another 1/8 turn or so. Bring the seating pin back down to where it is just touching the top of the bullet. Lock every thing in place. Put your next cartridge and bullet in there, and you will get the exact same crimp and depth each time.

Revolver cartridges take more crimp than most automatic handgun cartridges since they headspace off the rim rather than the mouth, but still don't require very much unless shooting extremely powerful loads that can rattle the bullet off the cartridge in the remaining rounds in the cylinder. Hopefully you aren't loading to that level of power quite yet. If/when you do, seat your bullets first and then use a separate crimping die.
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