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Like the rest of the rimfire admiration society I have to say 22! Miniscule recoil, cheap to shoot and not a lot of flash and bang. A new shooter doesn’t need any of the distractions when learning the fundamentals of shooting. Plenty of time to go to the larger guns later but stick small in the beginning. Colt and S&W used to make same frame revolvers in 22 for use in practice as well others who made conversion kits for the 1911 and may still. It’s a fun way to keep the hand in without reloading or going bankrupt buying target ammo and it will make you a better shot. Remember folks who have never shot won’t know that 22 isn’t a 44 mag as they have nothing to compare it to. No need to scare anyone away from shooting when they are just starting. That happens too often I feel, with individuals pushing bigger handguns in the training stage.. Once your mom has the fundamentals down and is enjoying it is the time to raise the bar and go to a centerfire that she can be comfortable with. So for now get brothers 22 and get mom out to the range. Just my two cents and worth what you paid.
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