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pauls right,I use a Lee 160 gr, gas checked
hard cast bullet for 7.62x39mm in AKs and SKS
with top loads with 2000 fps and they don't
lead much unless ya empty 30 rds fast, very
accurate and will drop a deer with a head shot thru and thru,gut shots will just zip
thru no expansion. I've put holes in 1/4 inch
stell plates at 50 yards. paul you used to be
at another site I posted about this,Elmer
Keith shot hard cast in steer that I beleive
came out the rear from a head shot using his
250 gr. GC lead bullet, and that was from a
S&W .44 special, making your own or buying cast bullets is alot cheaper than any jacketed bullet.and they are great for plinking in reduced loads.
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