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bullet casting gurus--please advise

I have almost decided to start casting due to my shooting volume and recent financial (sp) situation however, there a few questions that need answeringforgive a noob please if these have already been bashed to death)
1) is GC and water quenched wheel weight lead suitable for full power (2000ish+ fps) rifle loads?
I will be casting for 45-70, .308, 30.06 and 30-30 respectivly.

2) is there a shelf life for ingots and bullets?(good forever,1yr,2,yrs,etc)

3) what hardness is best (least leading/most accurate) for handgun? I will be casting for 45 acp, 38 spec,maybe 9mm respectivly.

4) Approx. how many bullets can be made from say... 20# of lead? (does the 7000gr per pound rule apply?)

sorry for the long post but I just gotta know.
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