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Guys, here's what went wrong...

1) JAM the bullet way the heck into the lands when you are fire forming... You don't need to use a hot charge, just so you've got the bullet/neck aligned and the case _hard_ against the boltface. That's where you had your problem... You basically stretched the bejeezus outta the brass on your first firing. If the primer backs out, that's a sign that there was room between the boltface and the case. This'll usually happen with very light loads. Not good. Have the rifle checked for headspace, just for grins...

2) If you FL size after that, call Sinclair's and get yourself a firing pin removal/bolt takedown tool (kleindorst). Take the innards out of the bolt, and as you SLOWLY screw your FL die into your press, keep sizing the brass and trying it in the chamber. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS WITH NO RESISTANCE ON THE BOLT. When you can feel the bolt close with just a little "feel" (you'll know it when you hit it...), you're there - Lock the die down, and from here on, you'll just be bumping the brass a thousandth or so - Almost as good as just neck sizing. If possible, just neck size.
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