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I have used rainer bullets, but not in the 147 Gr.I like 115 and 122FP the most. Rainer are good bullets but expencive.
In the 147 Gr I Have used lazercast. I have found for accuracy lazercast has been about the most Accurate Bullet I have used.
I usually use Hardcast Enterprises bullets
As thet are inexpensive and very good overall for the price.
I am also trying Precision Bullets. The black panther bullet. So far there has been no leading yet that was using my 9mm.
I am working on some 357/38 loads for this weekend.
JT, 147Gr is a lot of lead for a 9MM any reason you are going with that heavy of a round? Good Luck

Match grade Bullets at Kmart prices

also for gun accessorys.

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