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Over crimping? Strange...

Ok, riddle me this.

Smith 625JM in .45 ACP. Obviously a straightwall case. 230gr lead RN. 3.6 grains of Clays. Nothing special. Except I get 820fps out of what should be a soft load...

I've ended up with full, HARD taper crimp. I mean, I gotta be near max on the crimp. And the damn bullets STILL have a tendency to jump out of the case on recoil!

Is it possible at all that "overcrimping" the bullet is actually aiding the bullet in jumping out of the cartridge???

Help me out here guys. I've actually had one complete bullet separation in the cylinder and two nearly full separations in around 1500 reloads. I've also seen the bullets jump 1/16" on a fairly regular basis!

Really, I shouldn't be having this issue. I just can't quite get a handle on what the heck is going on.
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