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Lightest common bullet weight for .38Spl is 110 gr.
My fav standard 110gr load for my Taurus 3" snubbie is a JHP over 6.4 grs of Unique. I don't have a chronograph yet, so I don't know the velocity in my shorter barrel, but it lists as 1100fps in a 6".
If I step up to a +P loading, I run a 125gr JHP over 5.4 grs of Universal Clays. Listed at 1072fps from a 4" barrel. This makes a nice, clean, accurate, 'plinking' load for my Dan Wesson 8" .357, and is quite managable in the all-stainless 3" snub!

The above loads are pretty stout for .38Spl and your lightweight gun will no doubt kick quite a bit more, but I would imagine that you really don't want to subject yourself to sustained practice with that gun anyway... I would imagine that your gun is meant to be carried much and used very little.

Then again, you may want to use a light-to-medium 140 grain wadcutter round. Very easy on the hands. a 140 gr lead wadcutter backed by 4.0 grs of Unique will net ~800fps, or even easier on the hands yet would be a 148gr wadcutter over 3.1grs of Unique for ~700fps. (Velocities listed for 4" barrel)

For practice I'd use mostly the wadcutter loads, and save the 'heavy' loads for carry use. Yeah, yeah, I know you should practice with your carry loads, but not all of your practice has to be punishment!

Your results may vary.
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