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My first deer with a pistol 10 years ago was with a Colt Trooper .357 magnum. He walked straight in on me and I hit him square in the chest with the first shot. He slammed it in reverse and took about 4 or 5 steps backwards before dropping over dead. After field dressing the 6 point I found that the one shot took his heart out. The factory 158 grain hollow point did the job just fine. You just need to remember that shot placement is going to be critical with the lighter bullets. A .44 magnum can penetrate a shoulder and still kill the deer. I'm not sure if a .357 magum will. Others may be able to tell you if it will or not.

I’ve been hunting with a pistol ever since. I currently hunt with a T/C Contender in .357 Max., .44 Magnum and .444 Marlin.
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