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Just finished building a Shooting Bench for our farm get away. Not a concrete top, but may give you some ideas. When planning the design, I needed something that could be easily moved, right or left handed, fully adjustable for adults or kids, and weather proof. Entire project cost about $100.

Materials list is a follows:
- (1) 3/4"X4'X8' sheet pressure treated plywood
- (2) 2"X10' lengths of black pipe
- (1) 3/4"X12" All Thread
- (3) 3/4 nuts & washers
- (12) 3/8"X4" Galvanized carriage bolts & nuts
- (1) 18" diameter Disc blade
- (3) 1/4"X4"X4" plate

Recently removed a radiator heat system from the "Hunting Lodge" and had lots of heavy black pipe that was going to the scrap yard. Saved it to be used for our new gun and archery range.

After cutting to proper length a tube bender was used to make the frame and legs of the shooting bench.

Bench design uses a 3 legged format with two identical pieces of formed pipe.

After bending the pipe they are welded at one end with the framework in a "V" pattern.

Next step was to cut the 3/4" treated plywood sheet in half (4'X4'), then glue and screw both halves together....making an 1 1/2" thick top for the bench.

More to come later......
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