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For my money the 160 grain bullet is all the 7mm Mag needs.

For my money the 160 grain bullet is all the 7mm Mag needs. On the other hand there are real experts out there who disagree. I'll pick Tom Hayes as my expert - he started with a 7X61 Sharpe and Hart and so a just ever so slightly smaller cartridge but emphasized the 160 grain bullet even when he moved to the 7mm Remington Magnum. Warren Page used a 175 grain in a Mashburn and Bob Hagel IIRC suggests the 160 grain is adequate the 175 grain has its place.

Is a Premier Safari Grade, 200-Grain Swift A-Frame Pointed Soft Point Bullet (2825 fps) too much?
I sort of wonder what too much means here? Is it sort of like over-kill which confuses me too (can you tell I'm a Hagel fan?). In my limited experience the Swift will work just fine; that is like the Nosler Partition it will open and also penetrate - but then although I have zero experience with the Fusion I'd happily take them and never worry again.

For my money there is no need for anything but a 160 grain bullet in the 7mm Remington and a 200 grain bullet in the .300 Winchester and up.

On the other hand I do most of my own hunting walking around with a true Scout kicking elk out of brush on north faces and such at ranges where the .308/165 is plenty and the .376 just may be overkill
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